Testimonial 11

My wife and I were in London when Kaishian took over our flat for renovation. Before the renovation started, Kaishian helped us clear our old furniture and stored our other belongings neatly in one of the rooms. We are exceedingly thankful because the renovation would be delayed by several months if we were to do that on our own when we returned to Singapore.
In the process of renovation, Kaishian took charge fully and would check-in with us when key decisions had to be made. He made the process a hassle-free one for us, and gave us peace of mind because he provided regular updates. This process allowed my wife and I to focus on our obligations in London, without having to fret over what was happening in Singapore. It also gave us an assurance that our home would be ready when we were back.
Kaishian certainly did a fantastic job – the workmanship for the flooring, cabinets, feature wall and tiling were excellent, and the electrical wiring and plug points were placed strategically for aesthetic and practical purposes. My wife and I were very happy to see our flat and were amazed how our 40 year-old flat could look so good compared to its previous condition. We were also very satisfied with the high quality materials and very minimal touch-ups before we moved in.
I highly recommend Kaishian if you are looking for an easy-going, trustworthy, independent and efficient person to renovate your home!

Chun Yat

HDB Home Renovation at Geylang Bahru